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Professor Manchester from Australian Academy of Sciences visited XAO
2016-11-03| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

Recently, at the invitation of Na Wang,  the director of  Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences (XAO,CAS), Prof. Dick Manchester , who is a famous international pulsar expert and academician of Australian Academy of Sciences ,visited XAO.

During this visit, Pro Manchester discussed and exchanged research experiences with researchers and postgraduates of radio astronomy research department on radiation characteristics and mechanism of pulsar, pulsar brake, rotational instability of pulsar, data terminal of pulsar observation, radio environment protection and some other pulsar research issues. In his report “Recent Developments in Pulsar Research” , he explained some studies in details: the new progress on pulsar research, new electron density model of galaxy, the research of galactic large scale structure magnetic fields, gravitational waves detection by pulsar timing array.

Prof. Manchester delivered a speech with the topic “Pulsars Celestial Clocks” at the Xinjiang University and Urumqi NO.1 middle school, he introduced the discovery of pulsar, nature of pulsar, gravitational waves detection by pulsar timing array and the Five hundred meters Aperture Spherical Telescope( FAST) . And he patiently answered all questions from the students.

Prof. Manchester has done a lot of works on pulsar research, and has long term cooperation with our pulsar group. This visit improved the academic research level of pulsar group and deepened the students’ understanding of pulsar.



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