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Scientists from National Radio Astronomy Observatory visited XAO
2017-06-23| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

On 20 June 2017, Dr. Richard Prestage of National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Green Bank Observatory, Dr. Steven White, Senior Microwave Engineer, and Dr. Art Symmes, Senior Structural Engineer from NRAO, participated in the QiTai radio Telescope(QTT)  Preliminary Design International Advisory Workshop at the invitation of the Radio Astronomy Research Laboratory, XAO.

During the visit at Nanshan Station, the three experts discussed with XAO researchers on techniques for QTT antenna pointing and measurements. They were also introduced to the observing system and the antenna pointing accuracy, at X-band, of the Nanshan 26-m Radio Telescope. They pointed out several problems related to the modeling of signal reliability, position focusing reliability, antenna thermal effects and the influences due to track irregularities. At the end of the discussion, the experts concluded that the construction of QTT measuring system should be based on high reliability of the antenna optical system and models for environmental load impact.

Aili·Yusup, Chief Engineer of Nanshan Station; Xu Qian, Head of Antenna Technology Group, Liu Zhiyong, Head of Software Group, Xiang Binbin, Engineer, Yuan Ye, Assistant Engineer, and other researchers also took part in the discussion. The successful completion of the QTT project requires combined efforts from outstanding researchers from all over the world. In order to provide better support for the construction of QTT, XAO will continue to expand the platform for international exchange and communication to strengthen connections with scientists and engineers from other astronomical observatories both at home and abroad.

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