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Grant of the Innovation Patent for “An Evaluation System and Method of Electromagnetic Radiation Based on the Radio Astronomical Instrument”
2017-07-12| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

An application of innovation patent filed by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO) for the “An Evaluation System and Method of Electromagnetic Radiation Based on the Radio Astronomical Instrument” was granted, with patent No. ZL 2014 1 0526685.3, and a certificate was awarded, by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

According to the technical indices and observing requirements of the patent for radio telescopes, the system can be used to carry out rapid tests, analyses and evaluations on radiated emission from radio astronomical instruments. It can also be used to determine the influence of electromagnetic interference on radio astronomical observation due to radio astronomical instruments, from which information on the requirements for instrument shielding is obtained. Furthermore, it provides the electromagnetic system of the radio telescope with references for compatibility design, protection from radio frequency interference and on-site radio signal management. The information is of significant engineering importance.

The innovation was accomplished through technical relations and engineering practices by engineers from microwave technology lab including, Engineer Qi Liu; Senior Engineer Maozhen Chen, and Engineer Yanlin Liu. The project was supported by the National natural science foundation of China under various programs including the “Technological research on electromagnetic compatibility evaluation of radio astronomical observing system”, and “Test on platformization of Radio frequency interferences of FPGA and the Site defense technology research”.

Through undertaking research projects of different diversities and the research missions of XAO, the technical capabilities and professional standards of the technicians in microwave technology lab have been promoted in recent years, and the measuring environment of the electromagnetic compatibility experimental platform has been improved. The lab will play significant role in the construction of the QTT project and the development of domestic radio astronomy and technology.  

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