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The 7th Youth Astronomy Forum of the Chinese Astronomical Society was held in Urumqi
2018-09-03| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

The 7th Youth Astronomy Forum of the Chinese Astronomical Society was held in Urumqi, which hosted by Chinese Astronomical Society, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO) and Xinjiang Branch of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS. More than 130 experts and students from domestic and foreign astronomical institutes and universities participated in this forum to   discuss the frontier research achievements and development of astronomy.

Wang Na, the director of the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory of CAS delivered an opening speech. She looked back the development history of Youth Astronomy Forum and praised the important role of young astronomical scientists. She also encouraged them to devote themselves to develop astronomy in place where the country is most needed. Then Wang Na introduced the astronomy research in Xinjiang. For example, 21CMA, 25m telescope, 1-m wide-field optical telescope and the Tianlai Project are running in Xinjiang. Some world-class site such as Muztag have been discovered and the Steerable 110-m Aperture Radio Telescope (START/QTT) will be built in Xinjiang Qitai county, which is the largest steerable telescope in the world. Director Wang Na welcomes astronomical scientists to study here because of the great observable environment and equipment, which makes people improve themselves quickly.

Liu Jifeng, the chief of Chinese Astronomical Society delivered a speech. He stressed that young people should be brave enough to take responsibility, especially in the critical period of rapid development of astronomy in China. He hoped young people can contribute to the development of astronomy for our country.

In the reporting session, director Wang Na introduced the progress of QTT Project. Xinjiang has unique astronomical observation conditions, so after the completion of QTT, it will play an important role in the field of pulsar search and low frequency gravitational wave discovery. She also introduced the engineering challenges, international cooperation, popularization of astronomy science and other aspects of QTT, and she invited everyone to visit Qitai Observatory.

Young astronomical scientists from all over the country brought nearly 40 reports and posters, including the status of various sky survey projects, the latest research and cutting-edge technology in optical observation, pulsars and high energy physics. The attendees discussed about the “Fourteenth Five-Year-Plan” and they analyzed research needs of their respective fields.

The attendees went to Qitai Observatory to investigate QTT site after the forum. They gave a high value on QTT. The 7th Youth Astronomy Forum received strong support from the Youth Innovation Promotion Association CAS.

Director Wang Na delivered a speech

Chief Liu Jifeng delivered a speech

Group photo of attendees

Attendees investigated Qitai Station



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