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Inception Workshop for the Cooperation Project of the 1.9-m Optical Telescope
2020-12-17| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

From 12th to 13th December 2020, “The Inception Workshop on the Cooperation Project of the 1.9-m Optical Telescope” was held at the Nanshan Station of XAO. The project will be jointly conducted by four parties, including the Beijing Normal University, XAO, Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology and the Xinjiang University, and the workshop marked the start of the project.

At the opening ceremony, speeches were delivered by the leaders from the Science & Technology Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, National Natural Science Foundation of China, NAOC, Xinjiang Branch of CAS, Beijing Normal University, Xinjiang University and Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology. The four parties of the project all demonstrated determination for the construction of the 1.93-m optical telescope, including commitments to contributing to the development of astronomy in China.

A consensus was reached by all the experts and leaders, who participated in the workshop, on the significance and necessity of carrying out the project, and they confirmed full support for the construction stages of the project. From three years of incessantly site monitoring, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory has shown that the Muztagh site is one of the rarest and most preferred sites possessing excellent observation condition for optical astronomy in China. The construction of the telescope will speed up the development of astronomy in China and create more opportunities for the general public to learn more about science and technology in Xinjiang.

With more than 10 academic reports delivered, the participants held in-depth discussions, with substantial suggestions raised, on subject matters related to the design index, technical details, scientific goals, site condition, development progress and other key issues of the 1.9-m optical telescope. The workshop had served as a hub for gathering multiple strengths from all the experts and for promotion of the construction of efficient and high quality scientific instruments.

During the workshop, an opening ceremony for the 50-cm large area telescope was also held. In recent years, XAO has made full use of the excellent resources from the observation site to enhance the cooperation in instrument constructions with many universities in China and raise the effect of small telescope array at the Nanshan station. The 1.9-m optical telescope will create a new momentum for building cooperation in academic research, talent cultivation, and related aspects, between XAO and other universities and institutes.   

Group Photo

Inception Ceremony for the 1.9-m Optical Telescope

Opening Ceremony for the 50-cm Large Area Telescope

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