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Research News
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Research News
New Research Progress in Determination of the Sun's offset from the Galactic ... [2017-10-26]
New Research Progress in Time Evolution of the Water Snowline in Protoplaneta... [2017-09-15]
Visit of Prof. Christian Henkel from Max Plank Institute Für RadioAstronomie [2017-08-16]
Visit of Prof.Eric Herbst from Virginia Commonwealth University [2017-08-06]
Grant of the Innovation Patent for “An Evaluation System and Method of Elect... [2017-07-12]
Delegation Visit of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory to Astronomical Researc... [2017-07-12]
Scientists from National Radio Astronomy Observatory visited XAO [2017-06-23]
Visit of Dr. Richard Prestage from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory [2017-06-29]
Visit of Dr. Alex Kraus from Max-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy [2017-06-30]
The research progress on pulsar positions and reference frames [2017-05-16]
How far are pulsars and fast radio bursts away from us? [2017-03-28]
Professor Gerard Vauclair from Toulouse Observatory visited Xinjiang Astronom... [2017-03-10]
“Radio astronomical continuous spectrum data processing software V1.4” awar... [2017-03-10]
The 17th Academic Salon of XAO Youth Promotion Association —— New Year with... [2017-01-14]
Professor Manchester from Australian Academy of Sciences visited XAO [2016-11-03]
A Researcher from Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory proposed a new model for ... [2016-11-02]
New Progress in Electron Cyclotron Maser Emissions Mechanism Study [2016-10-25]
A pair of monster black holes revealed in a nearby galaxy [2016-10-14]
A new progress was made in the research of peripheral coronal magnetic loops ... [2016-09-05]
A new progress was made in early-type galaxies [ETGs] research [2016-09-05]
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