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Research News
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Research News
A new progress was made in early-type galaxies [ETGs] research [2016-09-05]
A new breakthrough in research of the rotational evolution [2016-01-21]
Students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Have Been Trained at Xinji... [2016-01-20]
Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Got Important Progress on the Water Maser R... [2015-11-12]
Improvements of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory in the Recognition of Pulsa... [2015-09-07]
The 2015 symposium, continuing the cooperation and dream [2015-11-06]
Professor Christian Henkel from Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Ger... [2015-07-24]
Pulsar wind model for the spin-down behavior of intermittent pulsars [2014-07-22]
Electron Cyclotron Maser Emission in Coronal Arches and Solar Radio Type V Bu... [2014-07-22]
Particle Simulations Reveal Small-Scale Energy Dissipation of Solar Storm [2013-11-25]
XAO Developed the OTF Observation Model to Improve Observing Efficiency [2013-11-20]
XAO Signed MOU with NRAO to Enhance Scientific Cooperation [2013-10-01]
Pulsar Group of XAO Found Nine glitches in the Crab pulsar [2013-09-30]
Professor Christian Henkel from Max Planck Institute had visited XAO [2013-09-17]
Researchers from XAO attended academic discussions and exchanges in Cuba [2013-09-12]
A new progress was made in the variability of the accretion flow in black hol... [2013-08-26]
The 1m Wide-field Telescope is successfully Installed at XAO [2012-04-22]
QTT Salons are Actively Held at XAO [2012-06-05]
Professor Jφrgen Christensen-Dalsgaard of Aarhus University visited XAO [2012-09-22]
Professor Harald Schuh of Vienna University of Science and Technology Visited... [2012-09-22]
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